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Health and wellness: Add accessible
Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability
to your existing apps with our SDK

Accurate, effective monitoring of vital signs for iOS and Android
Medical grade technology without the need for wearables

Why Happitech?

Beyond medical requirements, Happitech offers a viable and effective way to provide
accurate monitoring to the wider wellness and fitness communities. The problems facing
health and wellness customers:

Wearables start
at 50-100€

Lack of accessibility
to accurate metrics

Lack of value for
data provided

Low consistency
in reporting

The Accuracy of
Happitech SDK

High sensitivity and specificity of our technology and commitment to our Quality Protocols ensures your patients get the quality care. All our technology is close collaboration with medical professionals from start to finish. Read our latest clinical evidence to discover why.


For more in-depth insight into the value and functionality of Happitech technology, these
white papers are an excellent place to start.

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Blog post tamplate

Success stories

Integration of the Happitech SDK into our customers existing apps

VUMC utilises our technology to measure
Heart Rate Variability as an accurate way to
identify stress during pregnancy in patients.

Stress Coach harnesses Heart Rate
Variability monitoring to measure
employee wellbeing within the health
and wellness industries.

What’s different about Happitech?

What makes Happitech so different from our competitors

Only CE certified heartrate and heartrate variability SDK

Our technology is CE Certified, meaning it’s backed by years of medical and scientific research and development, enabling us to offer a higher standard of quality in terms of usability and vital signs for your patients.

Integrated by leading telehealth customers

Medopad, Cooper Institute, VUMC Hospital and many others who went before are all benefiting by integrating our SDK with hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.

Seamless integration

Being medically regulated, our SDK is ready for use now, without losing the high accuracy that your patients will love. With Happitech, in-app monitoring can be launched in weeks. Thanks to our highly compatible SDK, no complex implementations – it just works.

Do you like what you see?
Want to know more about what we have to offer?

Your app, our technology

Thanks to the smart design of our SDK, or Software Development Kit, Happitech works
perfectly when integrated into your existing, branded applications. This means no extra
development cost, no difficult workflows or confusing processes. Just pure and simple
results, as quickly and efficiently as possible. Your brand, our technology – working
together to achieve exceptional results.

Integrate our technology into your existing telehealth app
and get vital signs from your patients’ smartphones

How Happitech works?

Happitech works through the use of scientifically backed and effective monitoring tools that are designed explicitly for the medical community. Utilising our smartphone-based method, accessing reliable, effective and powerful monitoring is easier than ever. Here’s how it’s done:


Responsible AI

Our expertise in AI and integration means Happitech is an ideal addition to existing smartphone applications, adding medical-grade level monitoring of vital signs to your virtual services.

PPG technology

PhotoPlethysmoGraphy, or PPG is a highly accurate and effective way to measure blood flow based on light level reflected in the blood, allowing Happitech to turn information into data with the use of a single fingertip, and the flashlight provided on any modern smartphone.

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Measuring Heart Rate

Utilising PPG technology, Happitech’s innovative SDK measures and analyses this level of light absorbency, allowing for the quick and easy monitoring of any changes and inconsistencies without the need for patients to leave their own homes.


Smartphone-Only Technology

Happitech SDK is specifically designed to work as part of a smartphone application, providing a simple but effective way to monitor heart rate in seconds. Utilising the rear camera, our API can accurately measure your heart rate. No gimmicks, add-ons or expensive tech required.

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Hardware-free technology

No need to send additional devices. Integrate vital signs monitoring into your existing mobile apps
Your patients already have smartphones – so
why not choose a service that’s as modern as they are? Utilising their smartphone
camera alone, incredibly accurate medical monitoring is one fingertip away. No
hardware, no long waits, and no costly rollouts

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