It starts from the heart

It’s the heart of everything we do. Combining
healthcare and technology to improve the lives of all.

Happitech aims to provide accessible, low cost ways of
monitoring patients using everyday devices.

With healthcare costs ever-increasing health insurers are demanding all stakeholders to provide solutions at a lower costs for the same quality of care

Telehealth companies have stepped in to reduce costs by monitoring patients outside of the hospital.
This creates an increasing need for connected devices to monitor patients in their homes.
Existing solutions currently cost hundreds of Euros on average, making them inaccessible for a large portion of the telehealth industry.

This in turn creates a major expense and scalability issues for telehealth companies who aim to reach thousands of patients.

Developed by the experts at Happitech

Aerospace, Communication, Computer vision engineers
brought to the Medical world

Based in Amsterdam and founded in 2014, our dedicated team helps us in reaching our
goal to support over 10 million heart patients worldwide. Without the Happitech family,
none of the amazing work we do would be possible.


Founder and CEO

Cum Laude Aerospace engineer with double degrees. 7 year mechatronic experience with 2 patents.



Renowned Electrophysiologist founder of ECGPedia with over millions of visitors per year.



10+ years in Signal processing – worked developing smart communication algorithms with Happitech for 2.5 years


Quality Manager & Finance

4 years accounting experience and 1.5 year quality management certified with Happitech for 1.5 year


Clinical Research Manager

Background in Medical and Population health research. Supports Happitech with all clinical research.


Testing Lead

Leads testings within Happitech with a pool of 50 mobile testers


iOS Development

Pursuing PHD Computer Vision , 5 year iOS experience with Happitech for over 3 years (part-time)


Android Development

Master in Computer Science, 8 year Android experience with Happitech for over 1 year (part-time)


UX and Product design Lead

15 years of experience in UX and Product Design, with Happitech for over 1 year (part-time)

Supported by
Experienced executives and entrepreneurs

Supervisory Board and investors

Beyond our in-house team of experts, Happitech is supported by our incredible panel of
investors, helping to transform our vision into a reality for telehealth companies and
medical professionals around the world.

Serial Healthcare Entrepreneur, Head of Largest Amsterdam Cardiology Hospital, Chief
Client Officer Health Insurance Company with over 4 million members, Remco Bos
Managing Director @ Credit Suisse and IT finance specialist

Hicham Shatou


Serial entrepreneur and Healthcare investor .
Daily strategic advice on the day to day business

Robert Riezebos

Cardiologist & Board Member

Head of Cardiology at the largest Dutch Hospital

Frank Elion

Board Member

EVP of the Dutch health insurer with over 4 million members

Remco Bos

Board Member

Made better through our professional partnerships

Alongside our expert board and generous investors, Happitech is also held up by our
partnerships with dedicated medical professionals and businesses globally. Through
these partnerships, we’re able to enhance our services, and provide our customers with
even greater accuracy and scalability than any other option on the market.

Arrhythmia Alliance Logo

“Providing joy, Happitech
technology acts like bio-
feedback for your body
and takes the stress out”

Tim Cook, CEO Apple

Over 50 unique press mentions

A multitude of european awards

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